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  • Jul 03, 2019
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29.‘리더를 리더되게 하는 것이 무엇입니까?’ 렘 22:10-19
6월 29 토

본문 관찰과 묵상

요시야 왕은 의로운 왕 이었습니다. 그의 의로움은 하나님께 순종함이었고 정의와 공의대로 다스렸습니다. 왕과 지도자는 백향목으로 궁전을 짓는다고, 권력으로 탐욕스럽게 치부한다고 진정한 왕이 되는 것이 아닙니다. 왕이나 지도자를 리더되게 하는 것은 ‘의로움’입니다. 그 ‘의’는 하나님의 정의와 공의입니다. 약자와 가난한자 궁핍한 자를 섬기는 것이 ‘하나님의 의’입니다. 탐욕과 무죄한 피를 흘리고 치부한 리더의 마지막은 이방인의 손에 끌려가고 거기서 죽임을 당하고 나귀같이 그냥 던져질 것입니다.

QT를 통하여 듣는 주님의 음성

요시야왕 같은 의로운 왕에게서도 악한 자녀가 나올수 있습니다. 나라를 잘 다스렸는데 집안을 잘 다스리지 못한 결과입니다. 훌륭한 목사나 리더들의 자녀들이 잘못되는 것을 종종 봅니다. 다른 자녀들은 돌보았어도 자기 자신의 자녀들은 소홀히 한 결과입니다. 의로운 리더는 모두를 정의와 공의로 다스려야 합니다. 리더를 리더되게 하는 것은 ‘불쌍히 여기는 마음’입니다. 약자를 돕고 힘없는자를 살리는 ‘하나님의 의’가 리더를 리더되게 합니다.

결단과 실천

나는 목사로서 목회에 전념하느라 두 아들을 제대로 돌보지 못하였습니다. 그러함에도 두 아들이 잘 자라 나름대로 작은 빛과 소금으로 사는 것을 보면서 주님의 은혜에 감사드릴 뿐입니다. 나를 나되게 하는 것은 하나님의 은혜입니다. 그 은혜로 ‘공의와 정의’의 ‘하나님의 의’로 목양하겠습니다. 철저히 섬기는 삶을 살겠습니다. 섬김을 통하여 영혼들이 살아나고 가정이 변화받는 모습을 보면서 목회의 큰 보람을 느끼면서 삽니다. 오늘도 섬기는 기쁨으로 살게 하소서! ‘하나님의 의’가 나를 나되게 하심을 감사드립니다.

29. ‘What makes a leader to be an influential and respectable leader?’
Je 22:10-19 June 29 Sat QT

Observation and meditation on the text

Josiah was a righteous king. His righteousness was proved by his obedience to the Lord, and by his rule with justice and righteousness to the people. A king cannot be a great king by building his palace with the cedar of Lebanon, or by establishing his kingdom with enormous wealth accumulated by a totalitarian power out of covetousness. ‘Righteousness’ is the main factor to make a king or a leader to be a respectable king or a leader. ‘Righteousness’ means God’s justice and righteousness, which enables a king or a leader to serve the weak and the poor instead of being served. The end of a covetous king or leader who has shed much blood out of innocent people shall be taken into captivity by the gentiles who may not know God. Having been unable to return home, they would die there in foreign land, and their body would be thrown on the ground like a dead donkey.

I hear the voice of the Lord through QT

A bad son can be born and raised from such a righteous king Josiah. He must had ruled his country perfectly, but not his family. From time to time I have witnessed that some children of great pastors are wandering and drifting around by the trend of this world. The great leaders must have taken care of the children of others, but not their own. A righteous leader should lead all the people with God’s justice and righteousness including his or her own children. ‘Compassionate heart’ will make a ruler or leader respectable one. ‘God’s righteousness,’ which makes a leader a servant for the weak, poor and helpless. They shall become biblical leaders.

Decisions and applications

As a pastor I could not take a good care of my two sons because I have devoted myself to do my pastoral ministries. I always feel sorry about that, but at the same time I give thanks to God for his taking care of them on behalf of me so that they have grown healthy and live as a small light and salt in each one’s life. It is God’s grace, which makes me what I am, and what my children are. I shall continually do my pastoral ministries with ‘God’s righteousness,’ which is ‘justice and righteousness,’ which is God’s immeasurable grace. I shall continually serve the people thoroughly. I feel the spirit of fulfillment whenever I witness a person’s transformed life, and as a result his or her family is living in peace with happiness through my service. Lord, fill me with the spirit of joy and gladness in my ministries of serving others today! I keep on giving thanks to the Lord for making me what I am today through ‘God’s righteousness.’

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