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  • Jul 10, 2019
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7. ‘진노의 술잔’ 렘 25:15-29
7월 7 주일

본문 관찰과 묵상

하나님은 하나님을 섬기지 않는 이스라엘 주변의 열방에게 진노의 술잔을 내리실 것입니다. 그것은 하나님의 심판의 칼이 될 것입니다. 바벨론 포로로 끌려가지않은 예루살렘과 유다의 모든 도시의 유대들은 애굽과 불레셋 같은 이방인들 취급을 받을 것입니다. 그 열국은 마치 술에 만취한 사람들처럼 마시고 토하고 엎드러져 다시는 일어나지 못할 것입니다. 그것은 하나님이 불신자 들에게 내리시는 재앙 이 될것입니다.

QT를 통하여 듣는 주님의 음성

‘진노의 술잔’은 ‘쑥과 독물의 잔’과 구별이 됩니다. ‘진노의 술잔’은 유대인이건 이방인이건 끝까지 불순종하는 자들에게 내리는 영벌의 잔입니다. 회복불가능한 하나님의 심판의 잔입니다. 그러나 ‘쑥과 독물의 잔’은 회복을 위한 하나님의 극약처방입니다. ‘쑥과 독물’같이 모질게 연단을 받지만 그 독한 치료의 약을 마시고 회개하고 돌이켜 다시 회복시키시려는 하나님의 살리는 잔입니다. 고난이 오면 즉시 회개하고 돌이켜 주님께 순종하며 살라는 음성을 듣습니다.

결단과 실천

오늘은 아내가 잘 걷지도 못할 정도로 많이 아팠습니다. 어제 토요일에 많은 짐을 정리하여 어퍼다비에 보내느라 물건을 혼자 들고 옮기며 무리한 것 같았습니다. 며칠 밤을 꼬박 새우며 모든 일을 자기 혼자서 감당하여도 끄떡 없던 아내가 이렇게 연약하여진 모습을 보면서 많은 눈물이 나왔습니다. 목사 남편 만나서 어디가서 자신의 여성으로서의 삶을 한번도 살지 못하고 그저 말없이 소처럼 일만하였던 아내가 너무 측은히 여겨집니다. 그러나 그런 고난속에서 더욱더 주님의 음성을 들으며 ‘종’으로 불림받았으니 끝까지 ‘종’답게 살기를 결단합니다. ‘고난 당한 것이 내게 유익이라 이로 말미암아 내가 주의 율례들을 배우게 되었나이다’(시 119:71).

7. ‘The cup of God’s wrath’ Je 25:15-29 July 7 Sun QT

Observation and meditation on the text

The cup of God’s wrath was prophesied by Jeremiah, which would be passed to the disobedient in all nations around Israel. The cup would be the sword of God’s judgment. Those who survived from Jerusalem and the Jewish remnant in the cities of Judah who disobeyed God would be treated with the gentiles such as Egypt and Philistines. They would be judged by the sword of God, and they would drink the cup, and get drunk, vomit and fall to rise no more. The cup of God’s wrath would be God’s judgment and disasters upon the disobedient.

I hear the voice of the Lord through QT

‘The cup of God’s wrath’ should be differentiated from ‘the cup of bitter food and poisoned water.’ ‘The cup of God’s wrath’ was filled with wine, and it was passed unto the disobedient all the way to the end whether they were Jews or the gentiles. It should be God’s ultimate judgment upon the disobedient, which could be irresistible and irreparable. On the contrary, ‘the cup of bitter food and poisoned water’ would be a desperate and ultimate remedy for restoration and recovery.
It was God’s ultimate measures to give them afflictions and sufferings by the cup of bitter food and poisonous water, but the bitter pain might cause them to repent of their sins to return to God. I hear the voice of the Lord that I should repent of my sins whenever I am confronting afflictions so that I may be obedient to the Lord through repentance of my sins.

Decisions and applications

My wife was very ill even not to be able to walk around today. I think her hard work to gather stuff to donate to the Yard Sale in ANC yesterday must have caused her ailment. I was crying in my heart out of compassion upon her as I witnessed her weaknesses in comparison with her resilient and passionate dedication for the church in the past. She was very strong enough that she was standing firmly even though she worked several nights consecutively for the ministries without sleeping at all just a decade ago. I am very empathetic for her because she has faithfully worked like a cow for the ministries since I got married to her as a pastor’s wife; she could not live her life as a woman. However, both of us agreed that we shall overcome and we are obstinately and adamantly determine to go all the way to the end faithfully to finish our race as servants of God. ‘It was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your decrees’ (Ps 119:71).

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